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so im looking to pick up a new never summer board soon and I was set on the 152 proto ctx but now im considering a 155 revolver too…im 6’3 180ish with a size 13 boot and I ride a 155w flow quantum right now with a 26.1 cm waist width with no problems at all with heel/toe drag the 152 proto ctx has a 25.8 cm waist and 1200 mm effective edge the 155 revolver has a 26.1 cm waist and 1220 mm effective edge …my reasoning with leaning towards the proto right now is that I spend most of my time in the park here in NC unfortunately…but I feel that if I get the 152 it would be a perfect combination of being short enough to whip around on the rails and jibs yet strong enough to hit huge jumps and still bomb it all-mountain when I get the chance …my reasoning with considering the 155 revolver is that I do spend most of my time in the park and it is considered more of a park board than the proto is…I know the revolver would be fun but im worried it will be too noodely for charging around the mountain and hitting big jumps especially since im big so now im still leaning proto but idk?! :dunno:

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152 Proto CTX vs. 155 Revolver