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I am normally too lazy to write reviews but I just had to with this board because it is AWESOME!! 😀 …I got the 155w (26.1 cm waist) and I am 6’3 185 with a size 13 boot (and no toe drag!)…I picked up this board for a steal at $200 from my local shop since it was the only one they had left, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first at having a smaller, traditional cambered, non-magnetraction, board that came from a factory in China instead of being hand made in the USA like my GNU…all I can say is boy was I wrong! :p so far it has been MUCH more durable than my GNU, easier to control, still has great edge grip, TONS of pop, and is fast as hell!…I always told myself my next board will be a Never Summer…but idk anymore cause im falling in love with Scotty’s board! :thumbsup: btw the matching Scotty Lag’s M9-SE Flow Bindings make for a sick setup 😉

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2010 Flow Quantum