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Snowboard Iskola

You may have heard the rumours and we can confirm, our 2017 lineup of Snowboards have just hit the office and we're stoked!

Seriously, stop whatever you are doing, even if you're holding a baby, drop it. Come check out the freshest snowboards on the market.

To celebrate their launch and Christmas right around the corner, we are taking 20% off these boards until Christmas Day. Get on it!

Limited Edition Addict

    Limited Edition AddictThe Addict has been built with traditional camber and a little stiffer, to handle some high speeds and bigger jumps in the park.

    Limited Edition Rehab

    Limited Edition RehabThe Rehab is a little softer and more playful, great for jibbing and buttering around the mountain because of its hybrid camber shape.

    To help you with your purchase, check out this tutorial on what do you look for when buying a snowboard.


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