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How you mount and adjust your bindings will affect your riding. Before you mount your bindings, it's important to understand the different mounting systems. Here are 3 tips on how to set up your snowboard. The second step is to mount the bindings in the way that benefits your style. Do you already have your bindings mounted on your board? Check out the third video to learn more about adjusting the bindings to improve your riding.   

This is just three of the many tutorials we are adding to our Snowboard Tutorial Membership this month.

1. Mounting Systems: EST vs. 4-Hole 

Do you prefer a stronger system or one that gives you more stance options? Before you start to mount your snowboard, or even before you buy your board and bindings, watch this video to understand the differences between the EST and the 4-Hole mounting systems so you can chose which one you want. 

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Sofia Lewerin.)

2. How To Set Up a Snowboard 

It doesn't matter if you have the Burton EST system or the traditional 4-Hole system, in this tutorial we will show you how to set up your bindings on your snowboard to suit your riding style. We also show you the differences between setting up your park board vs. your powder board.  

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Sofia Lewerin.)

3. How To Adjust Your Bindings

Have you been riding for a while and your bindings feel a little off? Or, are you looking for a tip to make your snowboard more responsive? Here we show you different ways to improve the feel and responsiveness of your bindings and snowboard.  

(Narrating: Nev Lapwood. Filming/Editing: Sofia Lewerin.)

Before the next time you go up the mountain, try to adjust your bindings in the different ways we explained above. Experiment with your stance and forward lean to find what works best for you. 

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