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so im looking into snowboard, coming from a skateboard and wakeboard background, im going to be doing about 50/50 on park and jumps, not much free riding, and im curious to what board i should get, i need something flexible enough for rails but stiff enough for booters im looking into the dc pbj, it seems like an all around good board for my application, not to hard on the wallet either i have also considered, the evil twin, k2 parkstar, and a few others, but my main instrest is the pbj also another question i am around 140-150, 5’8, 10 boot, would the 149 be to small for booters, and would the 153 be to big for rails, what should i pick from those sizes knowing my weight, hieght, and boot thanks

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50% park and 50% jumps, what board should i get?