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In what has undeniably been a groundbreaking year for snowboarding, 16-year-old Japanese prodigy Hiroto Ogiwara has left the snowboarding world in awe by accomplishing the world's first backside 2160 – a jaw-dropping feat of six full rotations on his snowboard. This astonishing achievement unfolded at The Nines, an unconventional action-sports extravaganza presented by Falken, held in the picturesque Swiss Alps of Crans-Montana.

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Ogiwara's audacious move has ignited a polarizing debate within the snowboarding community. Some purists argue that the ever-increasing emphasis on spins is diluting the sport's unique charm and integrity, veering dangerously close to the realm of aerial skiing. They express concerns that the essence of snowboarding might be overshadowed by an obsession with rotations.

Conversely, many argue that the march of progression in snowboarding is an inevitable part of the sport's evolution. Hiroto Ogiwara's mind-boggling 2160 is seen as a testament to the boundless potential of the sport, pushing the boundaries of what is physically and creatively possible. The feat represents a bold step forward and a nod to the innovative spirit that defines snowboarding.

At The Nines, where revolutionary snowpark designs and world-class athleticism meet, Ogiwara's groundbreaking trick was just one of many mesmerizing performances. The event celebrated the undeniable influence of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, honoring the athletes who continue to push the envelope in the sport. The Riders Awards ceremony was a testament to the ever-evolving and dynamic nature of snowboarding.

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