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The Natural Selection Tour Finals trophies are stunning. 

Each year, Natural Selection gives out beautiful--and usually quite large--trophies to its winners. The trophies incorporate the NST logo and the natural ethos that underlines the Tour's philosophy.

This year's trophies are no exception.

The meticulous work that goes into the creation of the trophies is so cool to check out. Each design element, all of the materials, and the process of making the trophies are all meticulous.

A design house called FYI created the pieces.

FYI Design wrote on their website:

"A quick strike design and fabrication project to support the Natural Selection Tour stop in Revelstoke B.C.. The trophy design concept is based on the NST logo elements suspended in glacier ice, set in a machined walnut base. They are pre-programmed to light up in 'glacier blue,' however the recipients will be able to change the color or set it up as a disco light to 'taste the rainbow', at their next house party."

From the company's website, "FYI is an industrial design house that specializes in R&D and advanced concept product design and development." Their forward thinking philosophy seems like a well-made match for the Natural Selection Tour.

To see who takes home the trophies, watch the Natural Selection Finals on Red Bull TV on April 4th.

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