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Within the global adventure-sports community, Absinthe Films is synonymous with quality and authenticity. For over two decades, Absinthe Films has captivated audiences with high-energy feature-length snowboarding films, artfully produced episodic series, and innovative social media content.

Cofounded by filmmakers Justin Hostynek and Patrick Armbruster, Absinthe Films is a showcase for snowboarding in its most raw and authentic form, focusing not only on the sport itself but also on the culture and lifestyle within it. In recent years, Absinthe Films has expanded its scope to include AbsintheTV, producing and curating a wide variety of snowboarding and adventure-sports content for a host of cutting-edge streaming partners looking to bring youthful energy and authenticity to their platforms.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between AbsintheTV and Snowboarder that will bring the production company’s legendary film catalog directly to snowboarding fans around the globe like never before. A curated selection of AbsintheTV’s most iconic content will now be available for streaming on Snowboarder TV, offering audiences a truly engaging glimpse into the inspirational world of snowboarding.

The Snowboarder TV FAST Channel serves as the perfect platform for this partnership and is available on Roku, FireTV, Tablo, LocalNow, StarzON, Plex, Free Cast, and SportsTribal among others.

In addition to streaming weekly six-hour blocks of AbsintheTV content, this partnership introduces the Microdose series to Snowboarder. This series offers potent 3-minute doses of snowboarding's most compelling stories, personalities, and adventures. Check-out the Brighton Resort episodes of Microdose below:

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AbsintheTV will also bring exclusive Photos of The Week content to Snowboarder. These galleries will include world class snowboarding photography captured by many of the world’s best adventure photographers throughout the decades. For each photo, AbsintheTV will provide in-depth essays detailing the backstories to each iconic image.

Whether you're a lifelong snowboarder or new to the sport, the Snowboarder and AbsintheTV partnership will provide an unparalleled viewing experience. Together we look forward to celebrating many of the most significant personalities, places, and moments in the culture of snowboarding.

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