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Hi! New to the forum, I’ve been lurking for a few weeks but decided to register to get a more specific answer – another “what board should I buy?” Details (based on the FAQ section, which I did read first): Female 115-120 lbs, 5’3″ Boot size 8 (women’s) 21 (not growing taller or fatter) I am looking for a freeride board – I am never in the park, and the only jumps I do are accidental (it would be cool to learn how to actually look good doing jumps but the terrain park can be intimidating). I live in Southwestern Ontario, so not too many big hills around here – I need a board that is good for the chop/crud of small hills like Blue Mountain, the chop/ice/groomers of Tremblant, and better snow/powder (going to Utah this year I think, sometimes go to Vermont as well). I am usually just bombing down blues/blacks/double blacks but I will also do glades

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Advanced female – what board?