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Mikey LeBlanc, legendary shredder, just can not stop. He landed himself on the cover of Slush Magazine, and the big reveal was this past weekend. At 51 years old, he may be the oldest person to have an action shot on the cover of a snowboard magazine. And we could not be happier or less surprised that Mikey LeBlanc is the one to do it.

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Here is the story of Mikey's cover shot, as written on his own Instagram post:

"A Tale of a Cover: An ordinary day in Salt Lake City with fresh snow and sun. I had no plans, so I headed over to meet up with Ted Borland, who was filming with a crew. He was filming @_steezy_t at a kinked rail, and the group was a mix of acquaintances and newbies. Jeff Holce was there and we chatted about spots, and Ted suggested an alleyway Jeff had been eyeing up. Freddy P was my spirit guide and we checked it out. It was a wild build, with no snow in the alleyway and snow banks a ways away, but sometimes “ya gotta say fuck it” (and do what you really want) - Ferris Bueller. I didn’t have my crew, but this crew was down, so we made plans to hit it later after the stores closed. Goop hit me up later in the evening, asking if we were going for it. His roommates were hyped to join (thank you), and our initial crew of four quickly turned into over ten. Danimals rolled up too, and he and Jeff played crucial roles in keeping my mental state in check amidst the hectic spot. Holce ran the winch, and Danimals reminded me to “just be smooth.” Bobby Plumb came out to shoot the photo, nailing this rad POV shot on my second try. By the time I was ready to hit it, word had gotten around and a crowd of around thirty homies had gathered, hanging in trucks, shoveling, or blocking traffic for me. Justin Meyer, my longtime friend and co-founder of VG, came out to shoot the wide angle you can see in the new Ride video ‘RATED R.’ After landing, the celebration was real. My “comeback” hero Spencer surprised me too, he had been laying low in the crew. The evening turned into a rad celebration, and almost a year later, we are celebrating again. My takeaway is taking chances pays off; I took a chance to hang with some people in the community that I kinda know, I took a chance to ask for help, they helped, more people asked to help, and my homies heard about it also came out and helped, I took a leap of faith and here we are. Thank you so much to Slush, the crew, and my sponsors Ride Snowboards and Dragon for believing in me and showing knowing that age is just a number. And also thanks to The North Face for flowing me dope kits. I am so grateful for everyone’s support. XOXO"

After getting back in to filming the past few years, Mikey was featured in a film with Spencer Schubert called "Assisted Living" last year. Watch here.

Watch Mikey's Bomb Hole interview here.

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