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In an interesting clash of technology and snowboarding, Austrian snowboard icon Anna Gasser and renowned Austrian folk singer Andreas Gabalier were featured in a video that has us grinning. Among the powdery snow of Obertauern, a picturesque winter resort in Austria, these two were pictured using two massive drones, each spanning an impressive 2.5 meters. These drones served as unconventional yet effective towing vehicles, effortlessly gliding the duo through the scenic trails of Obertauern.

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This approach, while not yet seen as a replacement for traditional chairlifts, hints at the potential uses of drone technology in winter sports down the road. Imagine accessing remote, untouched terrain quickly and efficiently. Still a bit of a pipe dream, but this video has us thinking.  

Obertauern, nestled in the heart of Austria, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, making it an ideal backdrop for such a groundbreaking experiment. The resort, known for its reliable snow conditions and diverse range of slopes, attracts visitors from around the globe. This event adds another layer to its appeal, highlighting the resort's openness to futuristic technology and adventure sports. The fusion of traditional winter sports with cutting-edge drone technology in the serene, snow-covered mountains of Obertauern presents a captivating glimpse into the future of outdoor recreation and exploration.

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