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Oh, you missed Mammoth's grand opening day on the 9th? Fret not, because Academy Snowboards just dropped a video that'll make you feel like you were there... well, sort of. Picture this: a majestic mountain transformed into an ant hill, with skiers and snowboarders scurrying down the one thin trail like a colony of determined ants. The resemblance is uncanny, and we're not sure if Mammoth is a ski resort or an insect metropolis.

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While you may not have experienced the chilly chaos in person, this footage will have you feeling like you're on the world's coolest safari, observing the migration of the snow enthusiasts. Forget FOMO; this is FOMO 2.0 – Fear of Missing Out on a hill that looks suspiciously like an anthill.

The thin trail, the bustling crowd – Mammoth's opening day is a spectacle that turns skiers into daring ants, navigating their way down the icy slopes. Academy Snowboards captures it all, giving you a front-row seat to the insect-inspired madness. Who needs a hill when you can have a mini mountain expedition with a few hundred of your closest ant... er, ski buddies?

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