Snowboard Iskola

This is my first year snowboarding, and i am a alright snowboarder, not as good as most of my friends, because they have been snowboarding/skiing for like 4 years, but theres a 15 ft gap at the park up to the mountain that only 2 of my friends will hit, but im thinking about trying it even tho most of the 2-3-4 year snowboarders won’t hit it, what tips can you give me? the only other jumps ive hit were on a motocross track when i use to race, but thats a lot different than snowboarding, and the key to hitting jumps in motocross is just go for it, usually it works, sometimes it doesnt, but what tips could you give me for hitting the jump at the mountain

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Any tips on hitting a 15 ft gap up to the mountian?