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Austin Visintainer has just turned pro for Thirty Two boots. Yay Vizz! Austin Vizz is a rail destroyer and all around great snowboarder and person, and we are so happy for him and for Thirty Two boots for joining in this marriage together! Austin Vizz just turned pro for Thirty Two at Mammoth Mountain in California for Thirty Two's sales meeting surrounded by all of his team mates and his friends. 

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Turning pro as a snowboarder marks a transformative leap from passionate enthusiast to elite athlete. It transcends the joy of carving through powder to a commitment to excellence. Becoming a professional snowboarder means embracing grueling training regimens, pushing physical and creative boundaries, and mastering complex maneuvers. It involves navigating sponsorships, media obligations, and a demanding travel schedule. Pro status brings recognition, but also the pressure to perform consistently at the highest level. It signifies a dedication to the sport's evolution, inspiring the next generation of riders. Turning pro is not just a career choice; it's a lifestyle, demanding resilience, skill, and an unwavering love for the mountains.

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