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This year was the second year of the beautifully thought up concept for the Low Maintenance event by Estelle Pensiero, which is essentially a week where Estelle invites a certain list of pro snowboarders to the infamous Baldface Lodge and they get to choose somebody to bring with them and take under their wing for the week. 

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Pretty genius, huh? We thought so too. 

Estelle is the daughter of Jeff Pensiero who is the founder and CEO of Baldface Lodge. Never heard of Baldface Lodge? It is basically what dreams are made of. Baldface Lodge is a renowned backcountry snowboarding destination nestled in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Surrounded by pristine wilderness, it offers unparalleled powder snow, epic terrain, and a rustic yet luxurious lodge experience. Baldface is a mecca for snowboarders seeking adventure, solitude, and unforgettable mountain experiences.

So Estelle, with her access and connections, wanted to provide an opportunity for others to come into her world and learn not only from her and from what Baldface has to offer, but also from each other. And we just think there is something really special about that.

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