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The renowned brand Balenciaga has recently unveiled a winter collection consisting of over 50 different pieces, which includes jackets, boots, pants, and even an unexpected addition—a snowboard - priced at just under $6,000. This enticing launch has fashion enthusiasts buzzing and snowboarders scratching their heads.

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What sets this release apart is not just the fashion itself, but the captivating promotional imagery that accompanies it. The promotional photos for the winter collection appear to be cutting-edge AI-generated images, transporting the viewer to the sun-kissed shores of a tranquil beach. The juxtaposition of high-fashion winter wear and a beachy backdrop creates a visually striking contrast that has confused the core members of the community

"Balenciaga Skiwear is a line consisting of technically advanced thermal separates, comfortable and protective outerwear, accessories, and winter sport equipment. Each Skiwear product’s sophisticated design is engineered to withstand the elements."

For those looking to indulge in the most budget-friendly (debatable) treat from this iconic brand, Balenciaga offers a stylish option in the form of their socks. These chic socks come at a price of $195. 

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