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I realize there are loads of these threads, but it seems that every person’s application is a little different, so I thought I’d solicit some suggestions for myself. Skill level : Complete beginner, took a few lessons years ago but want to get into it more seriously now Height : 6’0″ Weight : 170-175lbs Boot size : Haven’t yet purchased them, but I would imagine around a 10 Style : All-mountain…I doubt I’ll ever go to a park or anything Budget : $500-600 for everything, so looking around $300 for the board itself Area : In WI for this season, might be on the east coast for next season I’m definitely looking for something that’s more beginner-friendly than a board I’ll need to grow into skill-wise. If I need to buy a new board some years in the future, I’m not too concerned

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Beginner looking for recommendations