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Sundays are for the park: Sunday In The Park is back.

Sunday In The Park is one of the longest running web series in snowboarding history. This series has been coming out with new episodes on YouTube for 17 years or more. This past Sunday, January 21st, they dropped another one on us.

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This web series always takes place at sunny, slushy Bear Mountain Resort in Southern California. This episode features riders:

Mike Gray @mikeegray 

Melissa Evans @mel902 

Brian Pracht @boner_wars 

Michael Cook @cook2327 

Dylan Burnley @dylan_burnley 

Jordan Karasch @jordan_karasch 

Tyler Aubrey @tyleraubrey 

and was filmed by Adam Ruzzamenti @adam_ruzzamenti

History of Sunday In The Park:

Joe Carlino was already a well-established snowboard filmer when he moved to SoCal to discover the scene there. The legend goes that on the drive, his mom called him and told him that Bear Mountain was looking to hire someone to make “web videos.” At this time, web edits were a new concept. Then after a few years, Justin Meyer came on board with Carlino and they teamed up with TransWorld to coin the deal "Sunday in the Park".

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