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Hello =) I’m looking to take advantage of the sierrasnowboard sale on right now, and I need a little help. First off I’m new to snowboarding, a few facts: -5’9 150 lbs (I understand height means very little) -24 years old -Living in Calgary, Alberta -I have been snowboarding three times so far, all on rentals -Rode a 150, 155, and 160(was a wide?) Burton LRT so far -I’m definitely a beginner, but I feel I have a handle on linking turns -150 almost killed me(on my 2nd night not my first), liked the 155, really enjoyed the 160 but it was a little heavy -Size 10 snowboard boot -Will just be carving hills, with plans to eventually try the terrain park, but not until I can ride really well(so probably not this season) I plan to buy a pair of boots today or tommorrow at a local shop; however if I can find a pair I like that are also on the website I will order them that way.

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