Snowboard Iskola

Last weekend a casual few hundred boarders gathered at Brighton Resort for what we can confidently say is one of the most anticipated events of the year, The Bomb Hole Cup.

On Saturday, the first day of the two-day event, a banked slalom was held. Chris Grenier, host of The Bomb Hole and all-around exemplary athlete, was quoted as offering up "I beat Grenier" Bomb Hole cup stickers to anyone that beat his time.

"...Which I'm sure we'll be giving out a lot of," Grenier announced over the megaphone before the race started.

There's no other contest quite like The Bomb Hole Cup and not only because it's the only contest with a giant trash bag full of Run Through a Wall Smelling Salts. The Bomb Hole Cup underlines the most archetypal good, fun competition. Custom trophies, clever awards, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Watch the video of day 1 and get to Utah next year for the event.