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It was a big day for big airs in Switzerland at Swatch Nines.

The event, known for massive and immaculate parks that set the stage for bar-raising snowboarding, erected its famous "perfect hip" and let a few dozen of the world's best boarders loose on the set up. 

Brooke D'Hondt, has been making her presence known on the competitive halfpipe circuit the past few years (she's been riding in the X Games since 2020 when she was 14 and also competed in the 2022 Olympics), added another accomplishment to her resume: highest snowboard air.

Brooke D'Hondt went 7.3 meters above the hip, a massive 23.9 feet, to clench the world record for highest air by a woman.

“I always wanted to come to this event, and having a bigger hip feature is kind of playing to my strengths,” said Brooke. “It definitely does not get easier standing up there. Especially the first one of the day, it’s just as scary as the first time ever hitting it. But the feeling of stomping it, nothing beats it.”

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On the men's side, Valentino Guseli pushed things to new heights, as well, and earned his own record with a 11.53 meter air.

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