Snowboard Iskola

Creative shots, a lot of sun, fresh snow and an excellent, varied location: the finals of the BURN SNOWPARK RALLY 2012 in cooperation with VÖLKL at Zillertal Arena (AUT) were the perfect finish to the “Alternative Photo Challenge”! At the snowboarders’ category, Mike Wechselberger, Thomas Tramnitz and Tom Klocker (AUT) won the final mission “Versus”. The Swedish team of Andreas Bryngel, Jonas Zeidlitz and Victor White (SWE) took first place at the freeskiers’. The six crews who had won this winter’s three online missions came together at the big finals of the BURN SNOWPARK RALLY 2012 in Zillertal Arena (AUT) from March 29 to April 01, 2012

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Burn Snowpark Rally 2012: Final mission done!