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In a heartwarming ceremony, Donna Carpenter, the co-founder of Burton Snowboards, unveiled a historic marker in Londonderry, Vermont, commemorating the birthplace of the iconic snowboarding company. The event, which took place on October 3rd, marked the 45th anniversary of Burton Snowboards, a brand that has revolutionized the world of winter sports.

Donna Carpenter, sharing her excitement and gratitude on Instagram, said, "Today I helped unveil an official historical marker commemorating the birthplace of Burton Snowboards 45 years ago. Thank you to all the people in the special, close-knit, and resilient community of Londonderry, Vermont, for making this happen. And thank you to everyone who believed in us and believed there was a sport there when most of the world didn't. A testament to dreaming big and never, ever giving up. Thanks, Jake. We love and miss you!"

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The sign Reads: 

 The birthplace of Burton snowboards.

In 1977, Jake Burton carpenter, and a small team of Londonderry residence created the first Burton snowboards in a small shop, just down the road on Main Street. From its humble beginnings in Londonderry snowboarding grew from a backyard hobby to one of the most popular winter sports. Today Vermont remains the home of Burton snowboards and many of Snowboarding‘s historical milestones, such as the acceptance at ski areas and becoming a winter Olympic sport .

The unveiling ceremony was attended by local residents, members of the snowboarding community, and admirers of Burton Snowboards, who gathered to honor the company's remarkable journey. The historical marker, prominently displayed in Londonderry, serves as a tribute to the vision and determination of Jake Burton Carpenter, who founded the company in a small Vermont barn in 1977.

Jake Burton Carpenter, who sadly passed away in 2019, played a pivotal role in shaping the snowboarding industry and popularizing the sport worldwide. Under his leadership, Burton Snowboards became synonymous with innovation, quality, and a passion for snowboarding.

The marker highlights the significance of Londonderry, Vermont, as the birthplace of Burton Snowboards and its role in nurturing a sport that has evolved into a global phenomenon. Londonderry's picturesque landscapes and close-knit community provided the ideal backdrop for the company's early years, fostering an environment of creativity and experimentation.

Donna Carpenter's dedication to preserving the legacy of Burton Snowboards and honoring Jake Burton Carpenter's memory was evident in her heartfelt Instagram post and her presence at the marker's unveiling. Her commitment to carrying forward the company's legacy and passion for snowboarding continues to inspire the snowboarding community and fans around the world.

The historical marker stands as a symbol of the enduring impact of Burton Snowboards and the remarkable journey from a small Vermont barn to becoming a global leader in snowboarding. It serves as a reminder of the values of perseverance, innovation, and community that have been at the heart of Burton Snowboards' success for 45 years and counting.