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I havent been to camelback in YEARS due to discounts i was getting at jack frost/big boulder since my cuz is military (he is now deployed) The reason i am asking is because camelback is having a KILLER value season pass for$199 for: mon-fri open to close and sat 3-close….50%off bring a friend pass no limit…plus tons of discounts on everything up there….terrain isnt included but its cheaper to buy it per sesh than for $549 incl…. I cant afford JFBB midweek for $399 nor the full season for $649…i could do $259 for 6 day pass but to me thats dumb! Just want to know your thoughts on camelback opposed to jfbb Prolly a dumb question but i really cant play with money by regretting a decision once i get there and im disappointed!

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Camelback vs jfbb…..