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Hello! I was looking at purchasing a camp seven featherlite 2013 womens board but have not been able to find anything about it online. I would appreciate any reviews or suggestions! Here’s some info: Weight and Hieght – 135 steady and 5’9″ Boot size – depending on branding, I’m size 11 womens or size 10 mens (some brands I can get away with size 8 mens sizing) size 40 EU, but I’ve decided to not buy boots online. Riding style – Since I’m a beginner, I dont do any jumps or anything yet, I just focus on getting down the hill in one piece lol which means staying on groomed runs and if I get better I WOULD like to try a jump here or there Age – 26 budget – I’d like to keep it under or around the 180- 250 CDN for the board Your location of riding Barrie ON or Moonstone ON..

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Camp Seven Women’s Board