Snowboard Iskola

So, in 2 weeks I have an evaluation to become a snowboard patrolman. I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent rider, but I have to be able to do the following and I’m sure I can do them but I just want to confirm and know for sure what all these are: CANDIDATE SCREENING EVALUATION SNOWBOARDING: -Wide Radius Turns -Medium Radius Turns -Short Radius Turns (Minimum 3 turns on Six Shooter in a specified distance) -Crud Riding -Falling Leaf/ Toe Side & Heel Side -Snow Plow (Straight Line Toe Side & Heel Side Stop between 2 poles) -Traverse Up Hill (One Foot Clipped In) -Frog Hop (Both Feet Clipped In) Really appreciate it

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Can someone explain these things to me? Wanting to become a "ski" patrol