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This photo that photographer Bob Plumb shot of snowboarder Gabe Ferguson and filmer Brock Nielsen really got us in our feels. The combination of that golden hour magic lighting with the snow falling just truly encapsulates all of the beauty that being outside with your friends in the winter has to offer.

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This photo was shot for the Brown Cinema movie that recently premiered in Salt Lake City and is currently premiering in Bend, Oregon and then Denver, Colorado. This photo was also published in issue 3.1 of the print magazine Slush The Magazine.

Winter's beauty lies in its serene transformation of the world. As the first snowflakes gently blanket the landscape, a hushed magic descends, muffling the cacophony of everyday life. Crisp, frost-kissed air invigorates the senses, while delicate icicles dangle like nature's artistry. Trees stand adorned with glistening crystals, and frozen lakes mirror the sky's brilliance. Winter's palette of whites and blues contrasts with the occasional burst of crimson berries or evergreen foliage, adding striking accents to the monochromatic canvas. In this quiet season, the world seems to pause, inviting introspection and creating a sense of wonder that only the chilly embrace of winter can provide.

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