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On April 3rd, 4/3 Day, celebrate the life and legacy of Ken Block at the First Annual Block Party and Fundraiser hosted by the Forty Three Institute.

4/3 Day will be held at Woodward Park City in Utah.

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During the day, a DC Mtn Lab throwback snowboard event will be hosted by The Bomb Hole. Chris Grenier, Bomb Hole founder and host, was a close friend of Ken, his wife Lucy, and the Block Family. In the evening, a dinner and celebration will be held, featuring a special guests, speakers, and panel discussion.

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The celebratory day will raise money for the Forty Three Institute, a foundation created in memory of Ken that seeks to continue the trailblazing work of Ken by creating opportunities in action sports, motorsports, and the creative arts.

Ken was a true visionary whose impact on action and motorsports is impossible to quantify because of its incredible breadth. His passion for creative expression, driven pursuit of the things he loved, and support for his family, friends, collaborators, and others who resonated with the same things he did, bled through every single one of his endeavors. Ken's impact on the world lives on through his family, community, and The Forty Three Institute.

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The DC Mtn Lab was just one example among many of Ken's uncommon dedication and perspective. @43institute explained in a post on their account:

"Earlier this week we mentioned the KB Mountain Lab Snowboard Jam is going to be 'inspired by the Mountain Lab'. Really, it’s going to be inspired by Ken’s incredible vision. He stopped at nothing to make Mountain Lab a reality, complete with the creative freedom to build whatever crazy feature the team could come up with."

4/3 Day is going to be a really special day. For more details, follow @43institute on Instagram and learn more about the foundation and their passion-fueled work at

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