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Danny Davis, Mark MCmorris, Suyi Ming and other Members of the Burton snowboarding team embarked on an exciting journey to explore China's latest winter sports innovation – the world's first-ever indoor superpipe. Nestled in the Chongli district, a region that played host to numerous skiing events during the recent Winter Olympics, this remarkable facility is set to revolutionize training for freestyle athletes all year round.

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The indoor halfpipe boasts cutting-edge technology, including a state-of-the-art TechnoAlpin SnowFactory, churning out an impressive 1,000 cubic meters of snow daily. Complementing this snowmaking marvel are TechnoAlpin TF10 propeller machines and a mobile pump station, ensuring pristine conditions for snowboarding enthusiasts to hone their skills.

While the concept of indoor half-pipes is not entirely new, the Chinese endeavor marks a significant development in the sport's evolution. During the 1990s, Japanese indoor snow company SNOVA introduced over a dozen indoor snow centers, each featuring a permanent half pipe. These centers served as welcoming havens for snowboarders, especially when many ski areas, particularly in North America, barred them from their slopes. However, as times changed and equipment aged, most SNOVA centers closed their doors, but their legacy lives on.

The Burton team's visit to China's state-of-the-art indoor superpipe signifies an exciting chapter in the global evolution of winter sports and presents promising prospects for freestyle athletes looking to push the boundaries of their skills.

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