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An incredibly influential individual working tirelessly behind the scenes, Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson has helped to shape snowboarding, both literally and figuratively, for years. Listen in to episode 66 of The Bomb Hole, as this master builder, founder of Snow Park Technologies, and now Powdr Corp VP of Youth Development running the Woodward Experience team, talks with Grenier and E-Stone about his experiences in the industry and beyond.

From The Bomb Hole:
Over the past two decades Chris “Gunny” Gunnarson has been one of the people behind the scenes of snowboarding that helps make it the amazing sport that it is. Starting with building the snowboard parks at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain and then forming S.P.T. having his hand in building over 250 snowboard parks for every cool event in snowboarding to now currently working for Powdr Corp running the Woodward Experience team it’s undeniable Gunny is truly making snowboarding rad. In this episode we talk barrier of entry, the evolution of park building, The Forum 9, building snowboard parks, Navy Seals, outliers, Snow Park Technologies, jump physics, Shaun White, the perfect 100, The Bomb Hole Cup, making snowboarding more affordable, learning from failure, Real Snow, life balance, drumming and so much more. Join us as we sit down with Gunny and learn about his journey from pushing snow and building parks in his early days to become the most decorated park builder in snowboarding history to where he is now with Powdr Corp and Woodward on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!

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