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Cobra Dogs, snowboarding's favorite purveyor of all-natural hot dogs with cream cheese, sauerkraut, and cobra sauce, just announced a soft opening for the spring and summer season.

The truck, located in Bend, Oregon, opens on Friday, April 19th from 12-8pm.

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The announcement post on Instagram had some pretty heavy endorsements, featuring Travis Rice and brothers Ben and Gabe Ferguson picking up hot dogs. What's Ben Ferg's go-to? The O.G.? Cobra style? The Bun Me? We have no idea, but they're all delicious.

Cobra Dogs began over a decade ago at the base of Mt. Hood where the truck was parked in Government Camp during High Cascade sessions. The cobra-style dogs (this is where the cream cheese, sauerkraut, and cobra sauce come in) immediately became a summer camp favorite. 

After a few years of hiatus, the iconic red-and-yellow truck (logo and brand aesthetic designed by Aaron Draplin) is parked in Bend, satisfying post-mountain bike, skating, or river floating hunger for locals and visitors.

If you haven't had a Cobra Dog, check out the menu on their website. The offerings are concise and that's kind of why it works. The newest menu item released a few years ago is the Mack Dawg, named of course for the legendary filmmaker, and tops a hot dog with mac and cheese.

If you're in Bend this summer, make sure to stop by and grab a Cobra Dog.

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