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Jonathan Buckhouse, a self-proclaimed "professional snowboard Vlogger" from Silverthorne, Colorado, faces child abuse charges after a tragic incident where a loaded firearm was within reach of children, leading to a 7-year-old sustaining a gunshot wound. The charges include child abuse negligently causing serious bodily injury (a Class 4 felony) and failure to securely store a firearm (a Class 2 misdemeanor).

Buckhouse operates a YouTube channel with over 175,000 followers, sharing content related to snowboarding, mountain biking, and extreme sports, occasionally featuring his young son. The incident occurred on September 29, when the child's parents were visiting Buckhouse for the weekend. The children ran inside due to a bear near the property, prompting Buckhouse to temporarily store his loaded handgun in a camper for safety.

An example of his videos here:

Later, while the children were in the camper, one child found the unsecured handgun, mistaking it for a BB gun. Tragically, the gun discharged, injuring the child's hand. Law enforcement found the firearm with dried blood at Buckhouse's residence.

Buckhouse was arrested and posted a $7,500 bond on October 3. He is scheduled for a court appearance on November 29. Buckhouse and his defense attorney have yet to respond to inquiries.

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