Snowboard Iskola

Dakine announced today that Red Gerard is the newest member of their snowboard team. He joins a heavy roster that includes Jamie Anderson, Louif Paradis, Jill Perkins, Kazu Kokubo, Sam Taxwood, and more.

The partnership, which involves outerwear, gloves, and bags is a boon for both parties: Red stays warm and dry thanks to Dakine's reliable and durable gear and Dakine gets their colors emblazoned on one of snowboarding's favorite snowboarders.

Of course, Red is an Olympic gold medalist, has Dew Tour and World Cup podiums, and clenched an X Games gold in January, but his significant slopestyle accomplishments are really just a jumping off point for his depth of talent. Over the past few winters, Red has been applying his park acumen to the backcountry, bringing a fast, loose, and smooth style to both video parts and the Natural Selection Tour. While Red's been in the game for years, at only 23 years old, he's got plenty of runway to go wherever he wants. 

Dakine included a look into Red's gear closet in their official news:

"From a launch standpoint, Gerard is rocking [the] Dakine Poacher R.A.S. Vest. This go-to piece has been an essential part of the pro rider’s kit as he has been scouring backcountry terrain that requires avalanche safety gear. Trusted and worn by every athlete during Natural Selection, a booming annual snowboarding competition that attracts the best riders in the world, the Poacher R.A.S Vest has been one of the first things Gerard packs when headed on a snowboard trip.

Additionally, Dakine travel gear has already earned Gerard’s stamp of approval in the early days of this burgeoning partnership. As he travels around the globe to cities and mountain towns searching for surf breaks and golf courses, and running through airports, Gerard has been sporting Dakine's top-of-the-line Low Roller Snowboard Bag and Boot Pack DLX 75."


“I grew up watching so much surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, and anything action sport-related so to be a part of a company that has their hands in all of it is just like adream,” says Gerard. “I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone.”

Congrats to both parties on this very solid snowboarding merger.

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