Snowboard Iskola

Dang Shades, a Salt Lake City-based goggle and sunglass company owned by pro snowboarder Chris Beresford, celebrated its 17th birthday last week.

Dang is partying!

Here is what Chris had to say,

"Holy shit, it's a weird feeling when I actually take some time for myself to appreciate the last 17 years of Dang! It all felt so slow moving at the beginning and I had so much time to think and be creative in the early days with the brand and on my snowboard.

And then 17 years flies by in a blink of an eye!

Long story long...I've been searching for that feeling of the early days this past year and allowing myself to be a snowboarder and not a company owner who snowboards sometimes. Balance is key of course but I'd say my new #1 is making sure I'm taking care of myself and remembering the roots of Dang isn't some business guy. It's a dude from Massachusetts who does kickflips on a snowboard."

Chris's sentiment in this statement really sums up what Dang and snowboarding is all about. Congrats!!! We love Dang!

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