Snowboard Iskola

With the surrounding hills dusted in snow, the stage was beautifully set as the first day of the 8th Red Bull Nanshan Open came to a close with an incredible day’s worth of riding! Despite wind conditions forcing the morning runs to be delayed until the afternoon, when they eventually died the riders threw down like there was no tomorrow in the perfectly shaped Quiksilver Nanshan Mellow Park. A big slam on Tobias Karlsson’s (SWE) third run, however, would cause some serious judge deliberations! Due to uncertainties regarding the severity of the 8th placed rider’s injuries and whether he could compete the following day, the decision was made to allow the 13th placed rider through on a wildcard. Much to the excitement of the local crowd this would be Chinese rider Wang Lei, who was obviously stoked on this surprise result! David Bertschinger Karg would deservedly qualify first, with an impressive line that left both the judges and crowd cheering for more! The Swiss rider’s winning run consisted of a huge FS900 tailgrab followed by a switch BS540 melon, a steezy boardslide to FS270 out on the up-cannon finished off with a boardslide to fakie over the top of the wallride.

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