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Take the road out of Government Camp and follow it away from town for a handful of miles. Through the pines the breeze will start to carry the smell of the pig roast cooking over the open fire. You’ll know then to take the dirt road. It will fork, eventually. You’ll want to follow it when you start to hear Cocard and Kimura strumming the guitars off in the distance, and once you can hear Steven’s dogs howling along to the tune you’ll know you’re getting closer. Soon through the bushes you might see a tall bearded man rounding up some firewood, that’s Phil Jacques. It’s just one more turn from there.

Welcome to CAMPiTA – Craven and Wainhouse (The MVP) were holding a spot for you at the hammerschlagen stump, challenge Kevin Backstrom and Garrett Warnick in a round of Corn Hole and then hit the lake, you’ll see Rav and JOC down there. Chef Emmet and Erik will have dinner served in an hour and the good times will keep rolling all night long.

We can’t get enough of the feeling of disposable cameras. It is a combination of having limited exposures, being fast, light, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly the completely unique aesthetic retained in each image. Disposables, is a photo series featuring photos from our travels. Moments in time from when we hop on a plane until we warily unpack our bags. They aren’t all in focus or properly exposed, and they aren’t all great images; but each and every photo speaks to experience, and the many fragmented moments that together constitute travel and adventure.

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All photos by Joel Fraser

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FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017020Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017019Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017024Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017027Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017028Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017029Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017038Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017030Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017035Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017032Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017033Disposables-CAMPiTA-2017-web-post FRASER_CAMPITA7_aug_2017015Disposables

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The post Disposables 008: Moments in time from CAMPiTA 7 appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.