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It goes without saying but there is really something magical about the disposable camera. Even on a trip like this where we had a small army of digital cameras and smartphones. Knowing you can only point and shoot, nothing to adjust, nothing to focus, just a raw moment in time, captured or maybe not, on this artifact found in a hardware store.

The moment, as it turns out, is all that matters, especially on this trip. One day you’re checking the forecast only to find out the next day is 90 degrees with no features on the hill. The only thing to do is live in the moment, bring your own water and shovel and make it your own. A week in the van with Ozzy Henning, Len Jorgensen, Seb Picard and Aspen Rain Weaver is pretty much a non-stop tour of hilarity and good times. If I stopped the van for more than 5 minutes you better believe we were skating or swimming.

Probably the most fun day of the trip was when we decided to roll the dice and see what Donner Pass had for us. 30 minutes of hiking to what was almost certain to be a mirage turned out to be our Field of Dreams. With a little elbow grease, we created a ripping three feature set-up that kept us busy all damn day. Cheers the great state of California for letting us drink to the dregs of an epic winter!

We can’t get enough of the feeling of disposable cameras. It is a combination of having limited exposures, being fast, light, easy to use, and perhaps most importantly the completely unique aesthetic retained in each image. Disposables is a photo series featuring photos from our travels. Moments in time from when we hop on a plane until we warily unpack our bags. They aren’t all in focus or properly exposed, and they aren’t all great images, but each and every photo speaks to experience and the many fragmented moments that together constitute travel and adventure.

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The post Disposables 010: Moments in Time from Rome Snowboards’, Sierra Scraps appeared first on Snowboard Magazine.