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Perhaps a Never Been Done amongst the official snowboarding industry, The Riders Hotel in LAAX and Drink Sexy are putting on an Invitational Beer Pong tournament. Key word: invitational. That is just good old fashioned fun.

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The Drink Sexy open Beer Pong Invitational + After Party with @daviddjite + @djmontana_official⁠⁠ takes place on Friday, March 29th in the Riders Hotel Club after the Drink Sexy Mini Pipe jam at LAAX.

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Drink Sexy is an outerwear and streetwear brand created by European snowboarder and personality Lucas Baume aka Yung Doli.

Yung Doli is a local LAAX boarder who is usually seen dressed head to toe in white, sporting baggy pants and often a beanie on a cap with a bandana underneath. His fashion sense is unique and his tricks are up to par with any of the best in the game, executed with extremely clean style.

We can not wait to see the footage that comes out of the Beer Pong Invitational.

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