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While some snowboarders may view it as sacrilege to post their ender clip on Instagram, Eero Ettala has defied convention by recently sharing ten ender clips from his various video parts spanning from 2002 to 2015. These clips serve as a powerful reminder of Ettala's exceptional skill and contributions to the sport over the years. In doing so, he challenges the notion that revisiting and celebrating one's achievements, even if they occurred almost a decade ago, should be frowned upon by the purists of the snowboarding community. Eero Ettala's bold move showcases the timeless nature of his talent and the ever-evolving landscape of snowboarding, where appreciation for past accomplishments can coexist with the progressive spirit of the sport.

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1. Switch board slide double under flip. ”ENDER” Vaasa, Finland

2. Wallride bs rodeo out. ”MDP / Double Decade” Bear Mountain, USA

3. Backside lipslide. ”MDP / Picture This” Luumäki, Finland

4. Switch backflip. ”Oakley / Snowboarding for me” Rovaniemi, Finland.

5. Japan to fakie. ”Standard films / Lost in transition” Hemsedal, Norway.

6. Switch bs 180 wallride. ”Cooking with gas 2013” Tallinn, Estonia.

7. Bs rodeo. ”Strait jacket films / Road to madness” Mt.Hood, USA.

8. Gap to bs lipslide. ”Standard Films / White Balance” Trysil, Norway.

9. Double bs rodeo 1080. ”MDP / Follow me around” Mt.Hood Meadows, USA.

10. Switch double back of the wall. ”Cooking with gas 2012” Espoo, Finland.

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