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so i took my new flow team bindings on there maiden trip yesterday at wintergreen,va.real extreme terrain:laugh:.first impression was that they felt great.nice and stiff for freeriding,which is what i do.but about 1/2 way thru the day i get down to the lift line on a black diamond only to find that the screw holding the highback to the baseplate was gone.luckily the other side was still there,all be it,very loose.due to the design having the steel cable i was able to get back down the hill to the service center only to find they didnt have any thing to fix i was assed out of the second half of the day.not stoked. so i can say once i replace the hardware on a $370 pair of bindings all should be good.:laugh: those of you who also bought these,take measures to ensure this doesnt not the first.

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flow team binding(some disappointment)