Snowboard Iskola

Keegan Valaika and his Gnarly Clothing crew have teamed up with Colorado cinematographer Aaron Hooper to create GIVIN which is a film company focused on real riding and the raw scene which surrounds it. Signed on for the first release “ONE” are Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, Luke Mitrani, Shayne Pospisil, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Stathis, Frederik Kalbermatten, Wyatt Stasinos, Mikkel Bang, Brendan Keenan, Nick Russell, Kyle Clancy, Charles Ried, Cody Rosenthal, Mason Aguirre, Doran Laybourn, Ethan Deiss, Jonas Michilot, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Nicolas Müller, The Frends Crew and more. This first teaser above focuses on Low IMPact DIsCiple Forest Bailey as he punches in on some Colorado ‘crete

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GIVIN In Aspen Es Muy Bueno