Snowboard Iskola

Photos: Zach Copland Words: Krush Kulesza Gnu packed up the viking helmets and headed north of the border to Mount Seymour, BC for the third stop of the Greenhorn Games – The Coolest 13 and Under Contest in the World! The kids around Vancouver, BC are stoked…Mount Seymour continues to be one of the raddest spots in North ‘Merica with a legit parks, tons of pow and an amazing legacy in the history of our fair sport. The McGuire Hit (Snowboarder Mag Spring ’97 cover), The City Booter, Whiskey Booter, Cashen, Kearns, Dead Sailor Cliff, the Dave Lee Gap…everywhere you look there are the ghosts of past videos, magazine pages and general infamy

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Gnu’s Greenhorn Games: Mount Seymour