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On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will be visible from North America, passing through Mexico and Texas on a northeasterly path until it arrives over New England in the afternoon.

The early April timing has catalyzed eclipse-viewing events at resorts in the Northeast, though our favorite-named celebration comes from the White Mountains of New Hampshire: Dark Side of the Loon.

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Loon is a favorite spot for spring riding in New England. Their park runs perfectly through the end of the season and they host a bunch of beloved annual events (ahem, Last Call with Eastern Boarder, which just went down on Monday, March 25th). Next up this year is the eclipse viewing.

Loon Mountain explained on their Instagram, saying on "April 8, 2024, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow across the planet-- and on the mountain is where you want to be. According to NASA, Lincoln New Hampshire will experience 99.3% coverage. Make your plans to be here for the dark side of the Loon."

Lancaster, New Hampshire, which is listed on NASA's website as being in the path of totality, is just about 40 miles north of Loon and will begin to experience the partial eclipse at 2:16pm EST. Totality will begin at 3:27pm and last for approximately three minutes before the transition to a partial eclipse that continues through 4:38pm.

Afternoon laps are prime at Loon, so the timing is perfect to witness the eclipse from the top of the gondola or while rolling through LMP. Just make sure to wear appropriate eyewear if you want to look directly at the eclipse, of course.

Here's more info on Loon's website.

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