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Meteorologist Chris Tomer has just posted a YouTube video predicting a big storm cycle that just may turn things around for the winter. Watch below.

It is early January, and there has been little to no snow in many Western US states, and really all over the country. Skiers and snowboarders all around have been hoping and praying that it has just been a slow start to what is going to be an amazing season, instead of a flop of a season.

After such an amazing winter last year with record snow fall accumulated and reported in multiple areas of the country, this winter was expected to be almost just as good. But winter sport enthusiasts have been losing hope.

Hopefully what Chris Tomer is telling us turns out to be true! Here are his predictions:

 Feet of grand total accumulation 1/5-1/14 with a 3 storm cycle, storm #3 delivers an Arctic Blast with coldest air of the season 1/13-1/15 across the West, CA snow 1/6, 1/9-1/10, and 1/11-1/12, and all there storm systems hit the Northeast with heavy precipitation 1/6-1/7, 1/9-1/10, 1/12-1/13.

Fingers crossed!

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