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Hey just wanted to get some help from you guys the pros on picking my first snowboard and say whats up to eveyone im new to the forms and snowboarding im going boarding saturday for the first time with a friend renting all the gear and if i like it a lot like i think im gonna ill be buying my first snowboard bindings and boots so if you guys dont mind giving me some names of boards for a first timer that would be sweet ill want a all around park board so as i get better i can do jibbs butters and boxs and hit the pips i was thinking about a burton se7en for my first board but im open other boards to as i only have so much money to spend here is my info im a big boy but i still wanna snowboard anyways all help would be sweet thanks -Shaun:) Hight about 6’1 Wight 260 foot size 10’5

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Help With Picking My First SnowBoard