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hey there fellow riders! Aussie fella now living the life in beautiful Queenstown NZ, gearing up for my second full season. Last season was all about getting my skill level up on general riding (which i feel ive done) and so this season will consist of back country riding and getting to grips with freestyle stuff. Been doing plenty of research on what board to get for this season and i’ve narrowed the choices down to the following: *YES Big City 158 (i’d much prefer the Optimistic but it’s no longer in production:( ) *YES Basic 157 wide *Rome Agent 158 wide *K2 Raygun 157 wide my stats: *US 10.5/11 boots *6’3″ height *176 lbs are the 157 boards going to be too short for me

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Hi from down under (and yet another what should i buy? thread)