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Can we make a new sub forum entitled “Aches, Pains and injuries”:laugh: I mean it could be useful, topics could range from “Broken foot how long will I be out” to the proverbial “just tore my ACL now what” and even include some medical thoughts based on past injury and medical treatments thereof from other members.. Who knows there might even be some medical professionals who could simply give simple advise or links etc…Ive never seen one on any forum either and it may turn into something unique…:dunno: I came up with the thought because ive had a bad sciatic nerve act up this week and it is KILLING me :laugh: and as I was going thru here I thought Gee…should be an aches, pains and injurie sub forum…maybe I could find a cure or excercise to relieve this pain:D U could put it in the snowboarding lifestyle section

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How bout this for a sub forum