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So I was really pissed about my burton hail 08′ because my left foot keep moving inside the boot, i guess that’s my smaller foot ha, so I was looking into some boots in my local shop, I tried k2 t1 , salomon f20 and burton ION, the t1 was really a stiff boot compare to my hail, this one only has one boa on the liner which I don’t understand the meaning of it at all and it is pinching the side of my calves. the salomon f20 were smaller than the t1, fit my feet pretty good, but overall construction just don’t appeal to me, and I have a huge phobia to their lacing system. Now comes the main character, ion, I tried them and they were really comfortable, although the liner wasn’t really smooth inside, i felt there are small bumps, but the guy said it’s memory heat moldable so it should be fine after that

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How good are burton ION ?