Snowboard Iskola

It is officially the last day of January, and it can now be said with finality that this winter is nothing like it was last winter. Regardless of the whispers and rumors of another epic snow year, it has been dry, dry, dry.

That is not to say it can not change. I mean, hopefully it turns on for February and March, but as of now, the data is looking rough. So this poses the question, how will ski resorts combat poor snow conditions for next season? Well, not to worry, there is a way.

There is a business called Sensible Weather. Sensible Weather is a climate risk technology company that aims to change the way people interact with the weather by making the unpredictable more predictable and creating products and product experiences that facilitate peace of mind.

With increasingly unpredictable ski seasons, Sensible's weather guarantee protects travelers' mountain experience from precipitation uncertainties that could negatively impact their day on the slopes, including rain, too much snow, and poor visibility. When the daily forecast predicts weather that could impact the snowboard experience, consumers automatically receive reimbursement - even if they still plan on skiing that day, meaning you could enjoy a free day of skiing if the conditions are less than ideal.

I know, it blows my mind too. Check out to learn more.

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