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When it comes to snowboard grabs, few maneuvers hold the same allure as the Method Air. It's a trick that combines style, grace, and exhilaration, and professional snowboarder Brock Crouch, renowned for his own flawless Method Air, is here to help you master it. In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn the secrets to perfecting the Method Air, making it one of the most rewarding tricks you can perform on a snowboard.

Understanding the Method Air in Snowboarding

The Method Air is a classic and stylish snowboarding trick where the rider grabs the heel edge of their snowboard with their leading hand while kicking their back leg out and extending it behind them. The trick is known for its grace and elongated appearance in the air.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To do a Method Air

For Brock, the method feels like one of the most rewarding tricks on a snowboard. As he comments, “once you get a good method and you pop really, really proper and get the full extension…it's one of the most rewarding tricks, especially over a big jump because it's very, very hard to hold." Learn the step by step instructions from Brock, and you’ll be boosting methods all around the resort.

Step 1: Approach and Takeoff

The journey to mastering the Method Air begins with a solid approach and takeoff. As Brock emphasizes, launching off the lip of the jump with a flat base is crucial. To ensure stability and control, maintain a balanced stance with your knees over your snowboard and your shoulders aligned over your knees.

Step 2: Grab Placement

A key element in executing a stylish Method Air is knowing where and when to grab your board. Brock advises against reaching for the grab too early, as it can disrupt your form. Instead, let your snowboard come naturally into your hand. Make the grab while maintaining an athlete's stance, with your knees directly over the board. For a classic Method Air, follow Brock's lead and place your leading hand between the bindings. This choice ensures not only style but also proper body positioning during the trick.

Step 3: The Grab and Extension

With the grab secured, it's time to extend your back leg as vigorously as possible. Push your foot out as far as it can go while maintaining that full extension. The beauty of the Method Air lies in this graceful and elongated posture. Emphasizing this extension throughout the trick is essential for a visually captivating execution.

Step 4: Lock Eyes on the Landing

Maintaining focus is critical as you navigate the mid-air phase of the Method Air. Follow Brock's advice by keeping your eyes locked on the landing area. This visual concentration will help you maintain composure and balance, setting you up for a smooth landing.

Step 5: Bringing it All Together

As you approach the landing, start repositioning yourself for touchdown while maintaining that beautiful extension. Holding the trick as long as possible is the key to a stylish Method Air, ensuring a visually stunning execution every time.

Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect

Brock Crouch suggests honing your Method Air skills on a hip jump. Look for a jump with a straight lip and a sideways landing for ideal learning conditions. This setup makes it easier for your feet to align beneath you, simplifying the trick. You won't need to bring your board all the way back to regular; instead, you can finesse your way back to your feet immediately. Many snowboarders find that big hips are the perfect terrain for perfecting the Method Air.

The Method Air is a true snowboarding classic, and mastering it is a highly rewarding accomplishment. Follow Brock Crouch's expert guidance, focusing on your approach, grab placement, extension, and maintaining visual contact with the landing. With dedication and practice, you can make the Method Air one of your signature snowboarding moves. Enjoy the journey to mastering this beloved trick and experience the thrill it offers on the slopes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Method Air in snowboarding?

The Method Air is a classic and stylish snowboarding trick where the rider grabs the heel edge of their snowboard with their leading hand while kicking their back leg out and extending it behind them. The trick is known for its grace and elongated appearance in the air.

How do I start learning the Method Air?

To begin learning the Method Air, it's crucial to have a solid foundation in snowboarding. You should be comfortable with jumps and have some experience. Start with smaller jumps and work your way up as you gain confidence and skill.

What are the key steps to performing a Method Air?

The Method Air involves several crucial steps:

  1. Approach and Takeoff: Start with a flat base and maintain a balanced stance.
  2. Grab Placement: Secure the grab between your bindings to maintain your form.
  3. The Grab and Extension: Grab the board and extend your back leg vigorously.
  4. Lock Eyes on the Landing: Keep your focus on the landing area during the trick.
  5. Bringing it All Together: As you approach the landing, maintain your extension and form.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect: Consistent practice is key to mastering the Method Air.

How can I perfect the extension in a Method Air?

Achieving that signature extension in a Method Air requires practice. Focus on kicking your back leg out as far as possible while keeping your front leg extended. Keep your body straight, and maintain your balance. Over time, you'll develop the grace and style that make this trick stand out.

What's the best terrain for practicing the Method Air?

A good place to practice the Method Air is on a hip jump, ideally one with a straight lip and a sideways landing. This setup makes it easier for your feet to align beneath you, allowing you to finesse your way back to your feet upon landing.

How long does it take to master the Method Air?

The time it takes to master the Method Air varies from person to person. With consistent practice and dedication, many riders can start to see significant improvement within a few weeks to a few months. However, perfecting the trick can take longer, and continuous practice is key to maintaining your skills.

How can I maintain my Method Air skills once I've learned them?

To maintain your Method Air skills, continue practicing regularly. Work on your technique, and progressively challenge yourself with larger jumps and more complex variations. Staying in good physical shape and keeping your snowboarding skills sharp will help you maintain this stylish trick.

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